Crypto Mining ETH avec Geth | Ubuntu et Windows

Souvent des logiciels déjà créer par des tiers comme nicehash ou autre contient des virus.

#Ubuntu TLS
apt install software-properties-common
add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum
apt update
apt install ethereum
#Windows install Powershell Core 7.0.0/+
cd C:\
mkdir -p C:\Geth
cd C:\Geth
mkdir -p logs

#After installing, run geth account new to create an account on your node.
geth account new

#You should now be able to run geth and connect to the network.
#geth init genesis.json
#Make sure to check the different options and commands with 
geth --help

You can alternatively install only the geth CLI with apt-get install geth if you don't want to install the other utilities (bootnode, evm, disasm, rlpdump, ethtest).

geth console 2> /tmp/eth.log # take logs

geth console 2> C:\Geth\logs\eth.log # take logs

#IPC attach
geth attach ipc:C:\Geth
geth attach
geth attach ws://
geth --preload "/my/scripts/folder/utils.js,/my/scripts/folder/contracts.js" console

#Non-interactive use: JSRE script mode
geth --exec "eth.blockNumber" attach
geth --exec 'loadScript("/tmp/checkbalances.js")' attach
geth --jspath "/tmp" --exec 'loadScript("checkbalances.js")' attach

GPU mining with ethminer
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